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  1. You are promoting a non-profit or community event.
    • A non-profit event being defined as: Any event in which raised funds proceed directly toward a non-profit organization or individual cause.
    • A community event being defined as: Any event which is civic, public, or educational in nature and scope, open to all members of the public.
  2. All information provided by you or your organization is true and accurate.
  3. Any events posted to Golden West Events fall within legal confines.
  4. Your event is not intended to generate profit.
  5. By providing the information for your posting, you bear full responsibility for the event and information contained within the posting.
  6. You may not use Golden West Events to collect, document, or retain personal information.
  7. You may not post an event that promotes or depicts erotic or adult themes, or anything that may be considered offensive or inappropriate by a significant segment of the community.
  8. Golden West Events postings may not be created by any individual under the age of 18.
Golden West Events and all its community portals claim no responsibility or association with any of the events posted to the Golden West Events. No offer, solicitation, or request is being made from Golden West Events to you, the end user. Golden West Events is not responsible for the content of websites linked from events posted. To the best knowledge of Golden West Events, all information in the posted events is presented as true, accurate, and legal. Golden West Events does not guarantee continuous, secure access to services provided. Golden West Events reserves the right to limit the number of events posted by any organization. Golden West Events also reserves the right to remove or reject any posting to the website.


Golden West Events compiles, utilizes, and redistributes personal information to help keep the Golden West Events safe and running smoothly. The Golden West Events Privacy Policy was updated on March 21, 2018.

Collection. Golden West Events is a public platform, and therefore all information posted on the Golden West Events is easily accessible to all members of the public. If you share your personal information here, you are consenting to the accumulation, utilization, exposure, and archiving of your personal data. Golden West Events collects and stores your:

Use. Golden West Events uses your personal data in order to:

Disclosure. Golden West Events will only share your personal information out of legal necessity, or to administer guidelines, counter claims of subject matter breaching one's rights, or to safeguard property and rights. Golden West Events may also distribute private material with associated organizations.

Communication tools. You may not use our site to collect information, send unsolicited mail or email, or violate our Privacy Policy or Terms of Use.

Transfer of Personal Data. In order to identify and obstruct illicit deeds and policy abuse, we may share your information with members of the Golden West corporate family.

Security. Golden West Events uses encryption and passwords to guard your private data against illegal admission and communication, but cannot guarantee complete protection.

Access, Modification, and Deletion. You can view, alter, or remove the majority of your private data by logging on to your account or by contacting Customer Support. Golden West Events removes private data once it is no longer required. In order to negotiate arguments, administer guidelines, and stop offensive individuals from returning, Golden West Events keeps private data as the law allows. If you have additional queries, you may contact Customer Support.

Cookies. Golden West Events and our service providers may use cookies for security and authentication, to examine web page traffic, customize services and content, measure promotional effectiveness, and maintain your computer’s session to our web server. This information will not be shared or sold to third party organizations. You can debilitate cookies on your browser, though you will be risking your ability to use the site. If you have any questions about our privacy policies or wish to update your personal information, contact us at privacy@goldenwestradio.com

Online Safety

While Golden West Events takes precautions to ensure the authenticity of postings, we make no guarantee of the information. As such, it is vital that you take responsibility for your own safety.

Golden West Events does not offer any compensation, assurance devices, or protected payment systems for events found in the Golden West Events. Any communication or alternate websites referring to protection programs are scams. If you receive communication advocating assistance of this kind, please forward the email to us.